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   Tadwacky fishing lures imitate real live bait in the water. They twist and turn with unpredictable swimming motions. Tadwacky fishing lures are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Big fish are attracted to the erratic movements of the Tadwacky lures.

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                HOW TO CATCH SEA TROUT


                  How To Catch Big Sea Trout

Seatrout Tackle - Seatrout are a dependable portion of the Gulf Coast inshore slam, consisting of the Snook, Redfish and Seatrout. A light to medium spinner or bait casting tackle will work for seatrout.  Very light mono fishing line in 6 or 8 lb test works best. Fluoro carbon leaders is not necessary as long as you change your lure knot occasionally. Casting one of the popular rubber fishing lures into the potholes in the flats will usually do the trick. A 1/8 to 1/4 ounce bucktail jigs available at most fishing outlets, and almost any local tackle shop. will catch trout, flounder, redfish, snook and lady fish like crazy. Best colors are yellow, white, chartreuse and pink.  


              Best Tackle For Sea Trout

   You can use the same tackle you use for bass on trout and the same lures. Trout fishing is very similar to bass fishing in many ways. I like a lighter spinning reel and light action 7 ft rod loaded with 8 lb test mono. I prefer mono line for trout because it has some stretch or give to it where power pro does not. Trout fishing is a situation where the new high tech lines may not be the best equipment. You can make longer casts with them but they are not as forgiving on a soft trout's mouth when they make a hard run. Use a smaller hook for seatrout and a light fluoro carbon leader in 12 lbs test may help offset the sharp teeth on a nice gator seatrout. Trout have very soft mouths and will pull off the hook easily if to much pressure is applied during the fight. Topwater plugs are the best way to catch big gator trout in the early morning hours. A noisy topwater plug will attract the gator trout from a distance away.

  Another effective trout method is a trout jig which is a 1/4 oz lead jig head with a rubber bait attached and a popping floater. You can pop the lure with a swift jerk on the rod and make a splashing sound that sounds like fish feeding to the trout. They will come over and check out the noise. Cast the rig out as far as possible and let it set for a couple minutes. Then yank the rod quickly to produce a popping sound with the floater. This is a great method for catching trout on the flats while fishing the sandy pot holes.


  Seatrout Fishing Strategies That Work

  Seatrout Techniques - Seatrout live in saltwater and brackish water occasionally. This nice 28 inch seatrout  caught on a green Tad Wacky. While fishing from the shore for seatrout try using an artificial rubber fishing lure with a lead jig. This Seatrout was released unharmed. Trout are a lot of fun to catch in the shallow waters. Occasionally you will hook into a gator trout. These are very powerful fish and will break off on most unprepared and inexperienced seatrout fishermen.  Seatrout like a strong incoming tide but will also hit on a full flooding tide.  Fishing for them a night fcan result in your best trout action ever. Trout will hit Topwater, Jigs, Rubber Baits, Rubber Worms, live shinners, pinfish and jumbo shrimp. Try casting an artificial shrimp in 3 to 5 ft of water on the flats. Look for the bright sandy holes as this is where the seatrout set up ambush points for feeding. Trout anticipate seeing a bait approach them moving with the current just a real live bait would do.

      Rubber Baits Work For Seatrout

 Rubber Baits Fishing -   Many different rubber baits will work for catching big trout. Artificial sardines and pinfish lures catch their share of seatrout also. Shrimp imitations lures are probably the best for catching seatrout though, next to actual live baits like shrimp.

   Another great seatrout fishing time is at night on the flats. Seatrout seem to feed best at night during the late spring and early fall months when the water temperatures are cooler.  The tidal rivers always offer some great gator seatrout fishing opportunities.

                        Big Sea Trout Tips

   Seatrout Tips -  When you get a big seatrout strike work the fish gently as sea trout have soft mouths and will pull off if too much pressure is applied during the fight. It is best to have a landing net close by. Wade fishing is one of the best ways to approach and catch big gator seatrout. Be aware of stingrays on the flats when you are wading and keep an eye out for sharks if you are keeping caught seatrout in a basket or net.

   Always check on the latest fishing regulations when targeting trout. Seatrout are protected in some areas. go the fishing regulations for the latest information.

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SEATROUT fishing

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