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   Tadwacky fishing lures imitate real live bait in the water. They twist and turn with unpredictable swimming motions. Tadwacky fishing lures are manufactured from the highest quality materials. Big fish are attracted to the erratic movements of the Tadwacky lures.

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                        How To Catch Big Snook

Snook Tackle - Snook are the center piece of the Gulf Coast inshore slam, consisting of the Snook, Redfish and Seatrout. A light to medium spinner or bait casting tackle will work for some snook, but if you get one headed into the mangrove roots and barnacles it will be difficult to stop.  I like to use heave spinning reels and rods. I use a 4000 series reels and medium heavy 7 ft rods loaded with 65 lb power pro line and a 50 to 80 lb mono leader. Fluoro will work in larger lines like 100 lb but does not handle the cuts and abrasions from the mangroves. Casting one of the popular rubber fishing lures into the mangroves will usually do the trick and is irresistible to big snook. Big lures normally catch bigger fish.   

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         Snook Fishing Strategies That Work

  Snook Techniques - Snook live in saltwater and brackish water. This nice 34 inch snook was caught in a freshwater canal on a root beer Tad Wacky. While fishing from the shore for largemouth bass this Snook nailed an Tad Wacky artificial rubber fishing lure. This Snook was released unharmed. Snook are exhilarating to catch in the shallow water. If you haven't hooked into a large snook you haven't been fishing yet. These are very powerful fish and will break off on most unprepared and inexperienced snook fishermen.  Snook will usually find an ambush point where there is a lot of current. The stronger the current the better the snook fishing. Try fishing for them a night for the best action ever. Snook will hit Topwater, Jigs, Rubber Baits, Rubber Worms, live shinners, pinfish and jumbo shrimp. Try free lining an artificial shrimp up current of an ambush point, a bridge or other snook cover. Let the lure drift with the current to the  ambush point and be ready. Snook anticipate to see a bait approaching them from up stream and moving with the current just a real live bait would do.


        Rubber Baits Also Work For Snook

 Rubber Baits Fishing -   Many different rubber baits will work for catching big snook. Artificial sardines and pinfish lures catch their share of snook. Shrimp imitations lures are probably the best for catching snook though, next to actual live baits. Try free lining artificial shrimp baits up tide and letting them drift past likely ambush points.

                     SNOOK FISHING

   Another great Snook fishing time is at night around the dock lights. Snook seem to feed best at night during the late spring and early summer months. This is another ideal application for an imitation pinfish fishing lure. The rivers always offer some great snook fishing opportunities. The regulations on snook fishing are very strict so be sure to check the latest fishing regulations before fishing for snook.  


                           Big Snook Tips

   Snook Tips -  When you get a big snook strike it's very important to turn the fish around as quickly s possible especially if there are mangroves nearby. Snook love to run back into the mangroves. Hold your fishing rod in the direction the snook is running as this will turn them away from the mangroves instead of back into the mangroves. If a big snook starts running along the mangroves to your right, quickly set your hook as you swing your rod to the right. The physics of the line against the fish will help pull him away from the brush.


 Target Snook around bridges, docks and seawalls as well as mangrove points during a strong outgoing tide. In early to mid Spring cast the inlets and beaches along the Gulf Coast. Some Snook can also be taken in the Gulf Passes during this time.

   Always check on the latest fishing regulations when targeting snook. Snook is highly protected in some areas. go the fishing regulations for the latest information.

                                            SNOOK FISHING


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